The local farmers market is one of summer's little pleasures.
But as much fun as it can be poking around the tables and doing your part to support local producers, farmers markets have a rep as expensive alternatives to regular supermarkets. And while the fare can be pricey, farmers market managers say it's definitely possible to score bargains and even lower your usual food bills.
"You should be able to find at least grocery store prices at most markets,” says Barb Ristau, market manager for the Franklin County Farmers Market in Iowa. “Sometimes I have to tell my vendors to charge a little more for certain things because they often don’t charge enough.”
Even when farmers market prices are high, there are ways to score bargains — if you know a few insider secrets. Here’s what greenmarket pros recommend.

Make a Shopping List and Budget Before You Go

True, part of the fun of shopping the farmers market is discovering new and unusual goodies. But because vendors will be actively trying to sell to you, you may be particularly susceptible to making impulse purchases.
Make a list before you head out to the greenmarket and vow to stick to it, says Beverly Dunaway, director of the Arkansas Farmers' Market Association, then keep in mind a dollar amount that you can't surpass.

Do a Lap or Two First

Many farmers markets host several producers selling the same fruits, veggies and other goods with different price tags. So it pays to walk through the entire market a few times before you buy, says Dunaway.

Shop What’s in Season

With advances in agricultural technology, farmers can extend the growing season of various types of produce — but you’ll often pay a premium for buying something when it’s not in season, says Dunaway. “You’re going to be able to buy things much cheaper when there’s a glut of them in the market,” she says. So, for example, if you’re buying Brussels sprouts in July in many parts of the country, it’s going to cost you more.
Locavore, a free app, tracks which fruits and veggies are ripe and plentiful by region and gives you directions to your nearest market that sells them. Fresh Food Finder is another free app that pinpoints what's in season and where to find it.

Ask for a Deal When You’re Buying in Bulk

If you know you’re going to fill your freezer with sweet corn this weekend for a family barbecue or make several jars of tomato sauce for the winter, ask growers if they offer a bulk discount. “Very likely they will do something like that if they know they’re going to make a pretty good-sized sale,” says Ristau. She says she once bought a bushel of tomatoes for just $30 after she asked for a bulk discount. “They were cheaper than I would have paid in the grocery store.”

Get to Know the Farmers

Make it a habit to chat up vendors and become a familiar face, and they’re more likely to see you as a regular customer. “If they have extra of something and they know you might be interested, they might let you in on a deal first by saying, ‘I have X number of pounds of asparagus left — would you give me this price for it?’ ” says Ristau.

Follow Your Local Market on Social Media

When markets are hosting special events or festivals, they may offer discounts, says Dunaway. Follow your local markets on social media and subscribe to their email newsletters.
Check your local newspaper for promotions, particularly if your nearby market isn’t so tech-savvy. “We’ve done promotions through newspapers where we give away free coupons for people to spend at farmers markets,” says Ristau.

Consider Going Later in the Day

Well into the afternoon, some growers might be looking to unload any goods they still have left, so they don’t have to lug it back to the farm at closing time. Since different markets have varying rules, “I think folks should feel free to discuss [reduced pricing] with vendors while at market,” says Dunaway.
While haggling isn't the norm, it can’t hurt to politely ask if you can work out a deal, or if they have any "seconds," Dunaway says, that are a little bruised or otherwise didn't look perfect. Of course, the offerings will be more picked over the later in the day you go so remember that you'll be trading selection for potential savings.