Who needs a diamond when you can have 1,110 Shake Shack burgers instead?
Apparently, not only are millennials less likely to get married, they’re also less likely to want a flashy engagement ring if they do commit to tying the knot. A survey out from jewelry resale site WP Diamonds found that 37% of millennials would rather sell an engagement ring and use the money toward other major financial goals.
With the average engagement ring clocking in at $6,163, according to The Knot, we thought of a few other ways to spend that money if a ring’s not your thing.

Things you could buy instead of a $6,163 engagement ring:

  • 6 iPhone Xs. Better grab a few extra chargers, too.
  • 1,384 pumpkin spice lattes — if you can limit yourself to a tall
  • 7 roundtrip flights from New York to Tokyo
  • 20 Nintendo Switches for all the gamers in your life
  • 1,110 Shake Shack burgers — save room for some fries
  • 12 tickets to Hamilton (for the *cheap* seats, of course)
  • 63 premium tickets to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Bonus: You get slippers!
  • 324 plates of avocado toast if this guy is to be believed
  • 2,241 one-way rides on New York City’s subway, but you’ll probably still be delayed
  • 770 bottles of the best rosé in the world
  • 7 week-long Alaskan cruises departing from Seattle
  • 719 movie tickets to see Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” (Actually, don’t.)
  • 41 shiny Amazon Echo Pluses to outfit your home-of-the-future
  • 3 meals at the world’s most expensive restaurant — but at least it includes a laser light show?
If none of these buys strikes your fancy, you could also put the money toward a down payment on a home, higher education, travel or a car — all of which millennials who were surveyed said they’d rather pay for instead of an engagement ring. Because even if love has no price, that 4-bedroom in the ‘burbs certainly does.