There are so many reasons to love staycations. Number one is the not leaving the comfort of your house, followed closely by the money you save from not buying flights and taking cabs.
We're all pretty happy when we're staycationing, but the happiest non-travelers are in Orlando, Florida, the spot that just nabbed first place in WalletHub's survey on the best cities for a staycation.
It's not just Disney World and Universal Studios that gave the sunny city the win. The study compared the 150 most populated U.S. cities across three dimensions: recreation, food and entertainment, and rest and relaxation. Here are the places that came out on top:

Top 10 Cities for Staycations

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Chicago, Illinois
3. San Diego, California
4. Seattle, Washington
5. Tampa, Florida
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
7. Atlanta, Georgia
8. Portland, Oregon
9. San Francisco, California
10. New York, New York
The study factored in everything from availability of public beaches, hiking trails and amusement parks to prevalence of affordable restaurants and the cost of a massage. So not only do people in these cities have a variety of activities to choose from — whether your idea of vacation means total relaxation or nonstop adventure — but you'll also be able to keep your "getaway" budget-friendly. Sounds like a win-win to us!