When I think about where I want to retire (some 40-plus years from now) my mind goes directly to a beautiful, warm beach. Of course, this is based solely on personal preference — or at least it was. A recent study ranking the best and worst states for women to retire just gave Hawaii the top spot.
Well sign me up.
In addition to Hawaii’s general gorgeousness, its great health care services and opportunities for women (not to mention the weather) offset the higher-than-average cost of living enough to keep the island in the No. 1 slot.
The Expert Market study ranked all 50 states for women retirees specifically to see which have our best interests in mind. Within the broader categories of quality of life, affordability and health care, the study also took a more granular look at factors like share of women-owned businesses, women’s life expectancy and the prevalence of gendered crime. Here are the states that came out on top.

Best States for Women to Retire

1. Hawaii
2. New Hampshire
3. Tennessee
4. Iowa
5. Delaware
6. Oregon
7. Vermont
8. North Dakota
9. Maine
10. Arizona
So where should women be wary of? Here are the bottom 10.

Worst States for Women to Retire

1. New York
2. Illinois
3. Alaska
4. Mississippi
5. New Jersey
6. Louisiana
7. Wyoming
8. Connecticut
9. Washington
10. Indiana
Now that my own retirement dreams have been validated, I just have to make sure I can actually afford it — it may be time to jumpstart those retirement savings.