If you're angling for a raise, your chances of success may be greater if you work in a certain set of jobs. A new Glassdoor report shows that while annual median base pay in the United States grew only 2.1% last year (to $51,159), there is a short list of gigs in which compensation has increased more than two times faster than the national average.

Top Jobs With the Fastest Wage Growth

1. Recruiter
Wage Growth: 7.4%
Median Base Pay: $51,216
2. Customer Service Manager
Wage Growth: 7.1%
Median Base Pay: $54,552
3. Restaurant Cook
Wage Growth: 7%
Median Base Pay: $29,097
4. Warehouse Associate
Wage Growth: 6.7%
Median Base Pay: $40,882
5. Bank Teller
Wage Growth: 6.1%
Median Base Pay: $28,744
6. Store Manager
Wage Growth: 4.9%
Median Base Pay: $48,848
7. Maintenance Worker
Wage Growth: 5.7%
Median Base Pay: $43,175
8. Cashier
Wage Growth: 4.6%
Median Base Pay: $27,492
9. Sales Representative
Wage Growth: 4.6%
Median Base Pay: $47,629
Recruiters top the list, in part, because the U.S. is approaching full employment, and filling open roles requires better strategy and talent. So if you belong to this profession, it's an optimal time to have the salary talk. (You're probably very good at it since it's already part of your job description.)
But if your job is on this list and you're not so confident about money conversations, take this to heart: Knowing your field is paying more and more, you'll have a good argument for a raise — especially if you're making less than the median base bay.