As any wedding planning book, website or reality show will have you believe, there's no detail too small that can't cause a major meltdown. Well, hate to break it to you, but the hours you spent agonizing over the calligraphy on your escort cards will probably go unnoticed — so think of the time (and money!) you can save by ditching 'em.
That's at least according to a survey from WeddingWire, which gives us the cold, hard truth of what guests really pay attention to during a wedding. No. 1 on the "I couldn't care less" list? Those freaking escort cards (which this writer had to Google).
Other things you can take off your Pinterest board: flip flops or toiletries in the venue bathroom, wedding favors, and the bouquet and garter toss. With the average cost of a wedding stretching to $35K, these smaller expenses could shave a decent chunk of change from your budget.
But before you throw in the wedding-planning towel, there are things that guests do notice, and that's probably where you want to focus your efforts.
Far and away, the biggest spotlight is the bride's dress: 60% of guests say they pay attention to this the most. Interestingly enough, only 14% gave much notice to the groom's attire (sorry, guys).
And as for the reception, the most important things to guests include food, music, décor and drinks. And in the long run, sampling caterers sounds like a lot more fun than filling 200 mason jars with candy, right?