Every now and then, generally when I'm lugging 10 pounds of laundry to my nearest laundromat, I think back fondly to one of my college apartments: it was a three-bedroom, three-bath with — my all-time favorite perk — in-unit laundry, all for a bargain of $450 a month.
Granted, that was a mid-Missouri college town, and now I get to experience the nightmarish rite of passage that is apartment hunting in New York City. If I were to have the same laundry feature now, I could expect to tack $80 per month onto my rent.
That's according to insights from RentHop, which analyzed the building and apartment features that'll raise your rent most. The site zoomed in on NYC for the test sample, which offered the largest and most diverse set of data.
Among apartments with two or fewer bedrooms, living in a doorman building proved the biggest indicator of a price-hike, on average indicating a $260 increase.

The Apartment Features That'll Cost You Most

1. Doorman — $260 increase
2. Elevator — $120 increase
3. Fitness Center — $90 increase
4. Laundry in Unit — $80 increase
5. Parking Garage — $50 increase
6. Pets Allowed — $35 increase
That makes sense, considering having a doorman means you likely live in a newer, nicer building. Having an elevator came in second at a $120 premium, which may be worth it to live in a sky-rise, or just to make moving day all the easier.
A private fitness center at $90 is a pretty good deal if your alternatives are pricey gym memberships (and hey, you can't talk yourself out of working out when the treadmills are a few floors away).
And my own dream amenity — laundry in-unit — makes sense if you're spending more than $80 in quarters at the laundromat. Plus, time is money.
As for me, I'll keep carting my dirty clothes five flights of stairs and one block away to get them clean — but maybe just until my next apartment move comes around.