Turns out this day of the week isn't just great for happy hours or Shonda Rhimes shows — Thursdays are also when you'll likely get the best sleep of your week.
This comes from a YouGov survey of more than 4,000 Americans and Brits who use the meditation app Calm, which found that only 5% of users reported having trouble getting their beauty sleep on Thursday nights.
The night that leaves the most people tossing and turning? Sunday, during which 46% of users said they were unable to drift off.
This could very well confirm why you have a perpetual case of the Mondays (the second worst night of the week for sleep, by the way). Lack of sleep can be a serious blow to your productivity: your judgment takes a hit, you're irritable and not fully present, you over-snack ... the list goes on. On the flip side, getting a solid night's rest can improve your work, your mood, your health and even your relationships (no one likes hanging around a sleep-deprived grump).
So why are we such good sleepers on Thursdays but insomniacs on Sundays? Many experts point to the fact that most people are terrible at keeping a consistent sleep schedule. Think about it: if you're like most, you stay up later and like to sleep in on the weekends. So by the time Sunday rolls around, you're not tired by the time you should be tucking in. (Downing drinks during weekend festivities also doesn't help, as alcohol can suppress sleep quality.)
Then as the week wears on, you're going to bed more consistently so that you can be a functioning human at work. This means that by Thursday, you're back into a solid sleep rhythm — before it all goes downhill again on Friday night. For the late-night binge-watchers or serial night owls, you may also just be so tuckered out from the week that you have less trouble falling asleep by Thursday.
The moral of the story? Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, regardless of whether you're headed to the office in the morning. Experts recommend staying within one hour of your sleep or wake time to avoid too much disruption to your routine (so you can sleep in on the weekends, just not until noon).
If you're still having trouble winding down on Sundays, consider adopting a few habits to kick-start your week on a better note, like preparing a healthy meal or taking an hour to organize the week ahead.