If you’re on the verge of carpal tunnel syndrome from all the swiping you’ve done lately without any dates to show for it, your job could be to blame.  
Just like some people only date guys over six feet with outdoorsy hobbies and a sense of humor (wait, is that just me?), others have their own criteria when it comes to the profession of their next potential S.O. 
The dating app Tinder analyzed its most “liked” profiles in the U.S. to rank the jobs that receive the most right swipes. Here are the professions that came out on top. 

Most Liked Jobs Held By Women: 

  1. Registered Nurse 
  2. Dentist 
  3. Photographer 
  4. College/Graduate Student 
  5. Pharmacist 
  6. Teacher 
  7. Flight Attendant 
  8. Founder/Entrepreneur 
  9. Personal Trainer 
  10. Waitress/Bartender 
  11. Physical Therapist 
  12. Journalist 
  13. Makeup Artist 
  14. Lawyer 
  15. Marketing Manager 

Most Liked Jobs Held By Men: 

  1. Interior Designer 
  2. Pilot 
  3. Physician’s Assistant 
  4. Lawyer 
  5. PR/Communications 
  6. Producer 
  7. Visual Designer 
  8. Model 
  9. College/Graduate Student 
  10. Engineer 
  11. Veterinarian 
  12. Teacher  
  13. Chiropractor 
  14. Firefighter/Paramedic 
  15. Founder/Entrepreneur 
Of course, before you question your career and life choices, these findings could say more about Tinder’s user base than anything else. After all, “college student” isn’t exactly a lucrative career but it is more likely the result of Tinder being a popular app among college-aged singles. 
Most of the other professions on the list, though, coincide with a good salary. While you can’t get a complete picture of someone’s financial life from their job alone, you can generally expect a lawyer to be more financially stable than a barista.  
And with money being one of the things couples fight about most, it’s no wonder that it plays a role in people’s choices even at the swiping stage. Regardless of what your next significant other does for a living, be sure to look out for these financial red flags that could test your relationship.