Buying that first home is a dream for many millennials. But figuring out where to live, not to mention coming up with a down payment and signing on for a mortgage, can be a nightmarish process.
Luckily a recent Smart Asset survey is giving newbie buyers — who are typically in their early 30s — some much-needed guidance when it comes to which U.S. cities offer the biggest advantages when it comes to housing affordability and the chances of getting a mortgage, among other metrics.
So where do you get the best bang for your real estate buck? According to the survey, that would be Pittsburgh.
This tech and health-care urban hub earned the honor thanks to its not-too-pricey housing stock and the city’s high loan funding rate — meaning that conventional mortgage loans have become more accessible. Here's who else made the list.

Best Cities for First-Time Home Buyers

1. Pittsburgh
2. Oklahoma City
3. Omaha, Nebraska
4. Houston
5. Tulsa, Oklahoma
6. Indianapolis
7. San Antonio
8. Wichita, Kansas
9. Louisville, Kentucky
10. Dallas
Hoping to hit that home-ownership milestone soon? This list can help guide your decision for where to look. But don’t forget to take into account other factors — such as cities where your paycheck goes the farthest and where your outlay gets the highest return on investment.