If you think Miami is just a spring break hotspot for college kids, you may want to think again. Turns out, it's also the best city in America for job seekers, according to an Indeed study.
In fact, three cities in Florida made the top 10, with Orlando coming in second and Jacksonville seventh. Another surprising finding? The top 15 were all either in the South or the West.
Job opportunities and beautiful weather? Yes, please!
Climate was not actually a factor in the ranking, though. When evaluating 50 metro areas, Indeed took into account market favorability, or the ratio of job postings to applicants; average salary, adjusted for cost of living; work-life balance; and job security and advancement opportunities. Below is the cream of the crop.

Top 10 Cities for Job Seekers:

1. Miami, Florida
2. Orlando, Florida
3. Raleigh, North Carolina
4. Austin, Texas
5. Sacramento, California
6. San Jose, California
7. Jacksonville, Florida
8. San Diego, California
9. Houston, Texas
10. Memphis, Tennessee
Other top-performers include Las Vegas (No. 11), Atlanta (No. 14) and Virginia Beach, Virginia (No. 22). If you prefer cooler temps, you're not completely out of luck: Seattle; Hartford, Connecticut; and Providence, Rhode Island also rounded out the top 25.
Notably absent from this year's list? New York City and Chicago, as well as the Midwestern cities where the manufacturing industry once provided an abundance of jobs but now offers fewer opportunities.
The Indeed report predicts that the list will change over time as local economies try to diversify and boost job growth. But for now, consider this your excuse to finally move closer to the beach!