Single and ready to ... stay that way to get ahead at work? That's the case for a surprising amount of people who said they'd put their career success before their relationships.
In fact, 41% of people said they would end a relationship if it meant getting a significant promotion, according to a survey from Comet. Harsh!
The site surveyed 346 employed millennials on what they would give up in exchange for a huge career boost. The average single person said they would stop dating for 11 years, people in a relationship would put off marriage by seven years, and a married person would delay having kids for eight years — all if it meant getting a life-changing work promotion.
And while money can't buy you love, it can keep love at bay: People would stay single for eight years for a $36,000 raise. People in a relationship would bail for just $1,000 more. Those willing to stay in a relationship put a higher price on other milestones, saying it would take a $64,000 raise to delay getting married by about six years, or $67,000 to delay having kids for seven years.
The results may not be so crazy. Consider that many in this generation are still making up for graduating into a Great Recession-era job market saddled with record-high student loan debt. This financial scenario can create a domino effect in delaying life events, like putting off marriage or not saving for retirement.
But fear not, romantics: The survey also found that more than half of coupled people would pass on a career opportunity if it meant saying goodbye to a long-term partner  — and a resounding 86% would move to another city if their partner was offered a better job there. So, hey, maybe love isn't dead (even if you *can* put a price on it).