Thanks to crazy-high housing costs and salary-sucking taxes, some cities are almost impossible to afford — we’re looking squarely at you, New York and San Francisco.
But here's some good news for those craving the activity and diversity of big city living while hoping to stick to a budget: Other urban areas across the U.S. are a lot more disposable-income friendly.
Move to one of these cities, and you'll bring home enough funds to take advantage of restaurants, entertainment and other typically pricey aspects of urban life, while still being able to sock some dough away to save for your future.
Here are five cities spread out across the country that leave you with the most pocket change after you’ve shelled out for rent and taxes, according to a joint study by LinkedIn and real estate listings site Zillow.
Residents who live and work in this growing tech center can expect to hang onto more than 55% of their paycheck, making it the number one place for disposable income, the survey reports.
Professionals in Music City, U.S.A. pocket 53.6% of their salary. Good thing, since downtown Nashville offers plenty of places to spend money on having a good time.
You’ll keep 53.6% of your actual income if you make your home in this tropical and beachy Florida city. (Nashville and Tampa tied in disposable income, but the survey put Nashville higher because their data showed that job growth was stronger.)
Living and working in this Midwestern city means you’ll have 53.5% of your salary leftover after paying rent and your tax bills.
Move to this spread-out urban area that's now the fourth most-populated city in the country, and 53.3% of your take-home pay stays in your pocket.