It's hard to believe that August is here — time flies when you're having (summer) fun. But between all the barbecues and beach days, it can be hard to carve out time for more serious topics, like your finances. 
That's where we come in. We've outlined five tips to help keep you on track so your #moneygoals won't suffer at the hands of your #summergoals. Check these to-dos off your list, and then get back to relaxing poolside — you've earned it. 

1. Show Your Emergency Fund Some Love  

Your biggest emergency right now might be running out of ice cream on a hot day, but sadly, real emergencies — like losing your job or getting into a car accident — are always a possibility. While you can't prevent the unexpected from happening, you can prepare for it with an emergency fund. If your emergency fund isn’t where it should be, make it a priority now — whether that means simply starting one or building yours up. This guide can help. 

2. Challenge Yourself to a Shopping Ban 

If your spending has been a little out of control lately (‘tis the season of al fresco happy hours, after all) challenge yourself to a spending cleanse to help hit the reset button. You might be surprised by what you learn about your spending habits, like this writer did. And if you can't bear to stop shopping, at least shop smarter by following this guide.  

3. Try a New Budgeting Trick  

Some people are naturals at sticking to a budget; others have to work at it. Having a budget is one of the most important ways to make sure your finances stay in a good place, so before you throw in the towel, check out the trick this woman used to finally stick to hers after five years (!) of failed attempts.  

4. Get to Know Your Debt  

How well do you know your debt? If your answer is that you know you have it, but not much else, it's time for a change — after all, knowledge is power. Take stock of all your debts by looking up the amounts owed and the interest rate you pay on each. Having a complete understanding of these can help you better formulate a plan to pay off those balances. Need some inspiration? Learn how this woman paid off $80,000 of debt in just four years. 

5. Schedule Time to Recharge  

For some, it’s the season of summer Fridays and long weekends. But if you've found yourself at your desk late on a Friday night more often than not, it's time for some TLC before you burn out. So make the most of the nice weather and schedule a getaway to recharge — even if it’s just to a hammock in your backyard. If you’re the type who finds it hard to unplug outside of the office, check out our guide to not working while on vacation