Hello, September! Whether you can’t believe summer is almost over or can’t wait for fall to officially begin, this month has something for everyone — which means a packed schedule. 
In between those last beach visits and uncovering sweaters and boots from the recesses of your closet, don’t forget to show your finances some love. Here are five smart money moves to make this month.  

1. Learn Something New 

With summer unofficially over and students everywhere heading back to school, why not take a page from their book and challenge yourself to learn something new this month? Whether you’ve been wanting to learn more about investing, take on more responsibility at work or try a new hobby, now is the perfect time to make it happen. And if you have been considering going back to school for real, consider these questions before applying to grad school.  

2. File Quarterly Taxes 

If you’re self-employed (looking at you, business owners and freelancers!), September is extra-important: It means your third-quarter estimated tax payments are due. The deadline is September 17 this year (since the 15th is a Saturday), but don’t wait until the last minute to file. And if you’re new to the process, check out this guide from the IRS for everything you need to know. 

3. Book Thanksgiving Travel 

We get it, it’s hard to think about the holidays when your mind is still in summer vacation mode. But they’ll be here before you know it, which means the time to finalize your travel plans is now. If you’re booking flights, make sure *all* of your travel details are in order so you don’t run into any last-minute setbacks, like this woman did. And if you’re planning on driving to see your loved ones, look into these tips to save money on a road trip

4. Make Your Money Work Harder 

Coming off the more relaxed summer months, September can be a shock to the system. All of a sudden it’s goodbye to vacations and summer Fridays and hello to packed schedules and a thousand to-dos. So wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to do all the heavy lifting? Well, it’s possible. Just check out these tips to make your money work harder for you, so you can focus on one of your many other projects. 

5. Evaluate Your Career Goals 

Now that the office is back to its usual pace and the last quarter of the year is looming, take stock of your career goals — both those you made with your manager at the beginning of the year, and those you made with yourself. Not as far along as you’d hoped? There’s still time to course correct. And if your goals ultimately can’t be reached in your current role or company, it could be time to look for other opportunities. These apps and sites can help make the search easier.